Seattle Central Community College

The Seattle Central Community College is comprised of several buildings on multiple campuses. As the on-call campus architect, Johnston Architects assists the college’s Capital Projects team in identifying, prioritizing, completing a variety of project types on the campus grounds and buildings. JA’s project manager meets weekly with the Capital Projects staff to discuss ongoing existing and potential projects. Documentation is a critical component of the JA’s service, tracking scope, schedule, and budget in a “living” meeting note format and seeing project through from conception to construction.

The project manager also works closely with the job order contractor and subcontractors to control cost and quality, and with maintenance and engineering staff of the college to maximize durability and maintainability for optimum use and lifespan of systems. Projects may have a singular component such as increased safety, or a range of needs such as energy conservation, aesthetic improvement, and functional use of space. Johnston Architects is able to assist the college with very basic repair work up to larger renovations.