12.12 2016 Holiday Cookbook




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FEAST! The very word makes us hungry, not just for the delicious food that a feast conjures, but for the company of good friends and family gathered together to celebrate.  We surely need some festivity this year, but even more than that we need fellowship.  We welcome to the table our entire community, and as we send forth our messages of thanks for our bounty, we also add our hopes for a more inclusive and just world.

This year, along with some fantastic recipes, we send along a promise to keep our eyes and hearts open to our gloriously diverse world, to stay alert to the needs of our neighbors and help when we can, to be diligent in our defense of our small planet and its land and water and air and lastly, we send to you, as always, our warmest wishes for a beautiful and peaceful holiday season.

-The JA Family


11.30 December 2 Holiday Market

Join JA for our annual Holiday Market on Friday, December 2 from 6-9 pm. With an emphasis on local and ethical design, or Holiday Market is the perfect place to pick up lovingly handcrafted gifts. holiday-market-2016-web-size

10.18 Metro Line Flats in the Daily Journal of Commerce

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