01.12 January 20th

JA Friends,

We will be offering our staff time off on January 20 to enable all who work here to mark the day the way they see fit, be it active protest, quiet reflection, or volunteering time to an organization that reflects their values. The great people we work with endeavor every day to create humane , welcoming and beautiful spaces. That takes not only skill and imagination, but also optimism.

The well of optimism may have been drawn down a bit lately, so we are taking this opportunity to recharge it and get ready to do what we can as designers and citizens to improve our world.

01.04 Houzz Tour: A Rustic and Stylish Mountain Retreat

SE exterior and entry path.

SE exterior and entry path.

Our Big Rock House was featured as a home tour on the Houzz blog.

“This house nestled in the North Cascades mountains in Mazama, Washington, reflects the rugged landscape around it while also possessing a modern, airy and stylish vibe. The remote vacation house is owned by a Seattle couple who were instinctively drawn to the beautiful setting of pine forests, crystal clear rivers and diverse topography, and where they spend their free time skiing, rock climbing and hiking.”

The complete article can be found by clicking here.

12.12 2016 Holiday Cookbook




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FEAST! The very word makes us hungry, not just for the delicious food that a feast conjures, but for the company of good friends and family gathered together to celebrate.  We surely need some festivity this year, but even more than that we need fellowship.  We welcome to the table our entire community, and as we send forth our messages of thanks for our bounty, we also add our hopes for a more inclusive and just world.

This year, along with some fantastic recipes, we send along a promise to keep our eyes and hearts open to our gloriously diverse world, to stay alert to the needs of our neighbors and help when we can, to be diligent in our defense of our small planet and its land and water and air and lastly, we send to you, as always, our warmest wishes for a beautiful and peaceful holiday season.

-The JA Family