Fremont First Friday Art Walk

 FRI / Aug 5th / 6-8p 




India| Northbound: Photography by Viola Gaskell

“In 2013 I spent three months in North and Central India, moving from train to rickshaw to foot, Pushkar was the last place I went in India. In this small city of lakes and mountains I said goodbye to people I’d come to love, and spent some time alone for the first time in weeks. This is a passage I wrote on the train en route to Delhi, freshly aware of my dwindling time in India. It describes my thoughts more adequately than I am often able to voice:

Here in the Sun Country, people die beside the highway, the starved horses are tethered to shop fronts to bear their ribs, and marriages are made not proposed in passion but they seem to last. There is no black and white, no wrong and right. There are colors that teeter between beautiful and offensive, and love is not clothed in hard to get or take your time attire. The films are danced, the shoulders covered, and the stares unapologetic. These spices have been acquired by my tongue, this music likened by my ears, and the vibrant silk wrapped around my skin. I have been enveloped by India, and no longer do I resist its motherly tongue, dusty floor, and persimmon-colored sun. This has been my home now, and I unabashedly give it my love.”

Industry Simplified: Sculpture and Prints by Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor is an artist, photographer, and architect who has switched from domestic icons of simple pitched roof houses to industrial and marine forms over time. An amateur wood worker, welder and inspiring blacksmith, Taylor often sketches, paints, prints and sculpts these simple totems into full or out of frame compositions or makes the forms align into unusual geometries. This show in conjunction with a concurrent more marine based show at Captain’s Gallery in Ballard explores more simple shapes in the industrial world often with a reoccurring five peak sawtooth factory icon in all media.
Johnston Architects is proud to be a part of the Fremont First Friday Art Walk. We are enthusiastic about supporting local talent and Seattle’s vibrant Arts Community. Artists interested in exhibiting work at our office please send a brief artist statement and five images to