Wild: An Exploration of Untamed Spaces

July 26, 2017

Join us for this month’s Fremont First Friday Art Walk as we show Wild: An Exploration of Spaces featuring the work of Matt Mornick and Tony Case.

Matthew Mornick is an editorial and fine art photographer based in
Seattle. When not shooting for clients Mornick explores the
backcountry to photograph remote places. He shares this collection
of large-scale photographs that portray the delicate balance and
beauty of wild places via a unique printing technique in the wood
print series.

Wood is a challenging medium for printmaking. It continuously
adapts to its environment, even after the milling process. Mornick
considers the type, origin, and moisture content of the medium.
These factors influence how the material will react with archival ink.
Then he focuses on grain and how light will interact with the medium
and the image.

Mornick recounts, “I am drawn to wild places. Their uncluttered
nature clears my mind and gives me room to expand. My hope is
this comes through in the landscape photography. The patience and
attention to wait for all conditions to come together – I find it
humbling and worthwhile. My hope is that people connect with the
pieces, feel inspired by the natural grandeur, and seek to protect
and explore these wild places.”

Tony’s work develops from a sketchbook of  travels made over the past two years. It is a personal testimony to those fragile moments of light, color, and season that link us all. The  sketches are with water-soluble markers and pencil, and sometimes they’ve inspired larger paintings.